Water damage has the potential to inflict damage on your wooden floor. In rare instances, the damage may be severe enough that total floor replacement becomes necessary. You no longer have to worry about these issues instead, choose Flood Services Newcastle’s dependable Sub-Floor, Wood, and Hard Floor Drying services. We serve commercial, industrial, and residential clients nationwide, providing timely Water Damage Restoration Newcastle services at competitive prices.

We aim to dry, clean, and return your subfloor and floor to its former state when we undertake this work for you. This eliminates the worry, inconvenience, and expense associated with repairing a water-damaged floor. Our superior floor drying services are included as part of our more comprehensive water damage restoration services.

Our Sub Floor and Wood Floor Drying Process

Like every water damage restoration services, we conduct the floor drying process properly. This is the procedure we follow:

  • The staff will thoroughly inspect your floor to ascertain the degree of the damage.
  • They will create the ideal restoration strategy for the wood or hard flooring.
  • Along with drying the floor, we also concentrate on drying the subfloor in the same systematic manner.
  • We begin by completing the water extraction process, which eliminates any standing water.
  • The subsequent step is air drying, which helps in removing all moisture from the hardwood floor.
  • As previously said, it is just as essential to dry the subfloor and  the flooring. Moisture in the subfloor creates the ideal habitat for mould and rot to thrive, compromising the structure’s integrity and reliability.
  • We understand the critical nature of prompt action and employ cutting-edge tools and equipment in our work. Our fast remedies help preventing warping and cupping of the wood. We understand that water damage may occur at any moment, which is why we are available 24 hours a day. Our 24-hour emergency water damage repair service is the most effective technique to minimise the danger of subfloor or wood floor damage.

Why You Need Professionals for Subfloor And Wood Floor Drying

Property owners frequently feel they can dry the floors themselves by running a few large fans throughout the area. However, this effort is ineffective in completely drying the floor and subfloor, leading to further damage.

We have noticed that in certain circumstances, a delay in contacting specialists such as us for wood and hard floor drying may cost property owners considerably, leaving them with little choice but to pull up and replace the whole floor. However, when you employ us for this work, you receive benefit in many ways such as:

  • A rapid response, as we operate 24 hours a day
  • Our professionals will arrive at your place within an hour. We offer free consultations and estimates.
  • Our staff arrives with all essential equipment and immediately begins the drying process after you confirm the estimate. Only specialists are able to react immediately, set up the necessary equipment, and finish the cleaning and drying process as rapidly as possible.
  • We keep our prices competitive, so you are not forced to consider doing the task yourself to save money. In most circumstances, attempting to dry your floors on your own will eventually cost you more in the long term.

Mould Remediation After Sub Floor And Wood Floor Drying Services

Even once the floor and substructure are completely dry, our task is not complete. Mold growth is another frequent occurrence in many establishments. That is why, when necessary, we offer mould treatment services in addition to our expert subfloor and wood floor drying options. We take the following measures:

  • By enclosing the damaged area with sheets and strong tape, you can prevent the spread of the spores.
  • Extraction of standing water and moisture from water-soaked components and surfaces using a wet vacuum cleaner.
  • By vacuuming the mould with a wet vacuum, the potential of spores dispersing into the interior environment is eliminated.
  • Using specialised solutions to clean all places.
  • Eliminating all dirt, debris, and so on.
  • All objects to be disposed will be sealed in airtight bags, properly labelled, and safely disposed of.
  • Using commercial grade blowers and dehumidifiers, dry the areas.

We conclude the repair process after all surfaces and components in flood-affected areas are entirely dry. This procedure goes a long way toward reducing the growth of mould on your house. Additionally, we deodorise and disinfect the space. If the air continues to smell musty and dank, we also offer air treatment services. Restoring your premises to their original condition, making it habitable and safe to use, entails all of these processes. Additionally, we will visit your premises every few days to verify there is no recurrence of mould growth or any other issues.

As you can see, we take no chances. We hire the most qualified and experienced certified experts in the business and invest in the most sophisticated equipment available. These are just a few of the factors that contribute to our ability to provide clients with thecost-effective, high quality services they need and deserve.


You invest a large amount of money in your property’s flooring. In the event of flooding or water damage, you must respond promptly. Additionally, you must ensure that the company you approach will respond promptly.

We recognise the critical nature of every minute in severe situations. Our swift reaction, thorough examinations, and flawless solutions have enabled us to quickly return our clients’ assets to their original form. There are numerous reasons why property owners around the country opt to engage us for all of their Wood and Hard Floor Drying needs, including the following:

  • Reputable and professional business in the field of flood damage restoration
  • Technicians with extensive training and experience
  • Company that is licenced and insured
  • Serve residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout the United States
  • Services that are reasonably priced
  • Response time of one hour
  • Cost estimates are provided without obligation.
  • Provide drying services for subfloors, wood and hard floors, as well as water damage repair, including structural drying and wet carpet drying. Additionally, we provide sewage removal, antimicrobial spraying, mould remediation, air purification, and odour control
  • Our team of professionals collaborates with your insurance carrier to streamline the claims process.

24/7 Emergency Sub-Floor Wood And Hard Floor Drying Services

We are on call round the clock, so no matter when you need us for sub floor. Wood and hard floor drying, we are here to help. For more information, please call Flood Services Newcastle at 1300951686. You can also write to us through this Contact Us form, and we will respond quickly and send our experts to your location within the hour.

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